Universal Bot - SDKAPP & Web SDK Flow not working

Hi All,

I am using universal bot with 2 links bots[HR & IT] with Web channel integration. In KORE.AI cloud environment If I type HR related questions I am getting proper response from HR Bot. So it’s identifying correct linked bot properly in KORE.AI platform. When I try same scenario in web channel through Web SDK, recursively I am only getting default message from Universal bot and it’s not going to HR Bot.


Hi @parag.vijay.nikhal,

We have verified from our end and we are able to communicate with linked bots from webSDK in the universal bot chat communication.

Please publish the bot and check the scenario again.

Yoga Ramya

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Hi @yogaramya.mendu
This issue resolved by publishing all linked bots. Now I am facing issue, If I can open bot in 2 different browser, then what ever I type in 1st browser then similar selection/question reflects in 2nd browser as well. Could you please help me in this ?