Undefined Few Attributes of context.endOfTask Object

endOfTask hasn’t logging all the information instead it is showing undefined.

koreDebugger.log(context.endOfTask.intentType); → Working
koreDebugger.log(context.endOfTask.endOfTaskReason); → Working

koreDebugger.log(context.endOfTask.primaryQuestion); -->undefined
koreDebugger.log(context.endOfTask.matchedQuestion); → undefined

The endOfTask Question objects will populate if an FAQ is asked and matched in a dialog flow. Otherwise, they are undefined.

Hi John,

I can see those in the debugger however it is not printing through koreDebuggr and printing undefined for few of them.
Also surprisingly, only two attributes are printing fine, endOfTaskReason and IntentType but rest are not.

I am thinking it as bug.

Also I am unable to attach the screen shot but anyways the point is debugger is showing up the values but while accessing throught koreDebugger only few values are available rest our undefined