Unable to see chat history in admin console


currently, in admin console we are unable to see any chat history. Wondering any pre-reqs to be completed for system to store in DB and access them in admin console?

current status - In Botbuilder ,bot is working/active i.e. able to communicate with business application via web services and published to a web channel.


Hi @ngumudavelli,

The chat history in the admin console will have the data with respect to the chats tracked from a deployment platform i.e. if you deploy a bot into web/mobile client channel and have a conversation with the bot from that channel, then the chat history will be populated.

Please refer: https://developer.kore.ai/docs/bots/bot-admin/analytics/#Viewing_Chat_History

Let us know if you are observing a different behavior.

Yoga Ramya.

Thank you for your response, as we enabled chat via web channel now, able to see chat history.

A followup question - in Bot builder, is it possible to block access to “chat history” only to Bot developer role (not Bot owner), while not blocking to Bot builder Analyze section’s "Details and “NLP Analysis”?