Unable to connect one sub-bot to another in a universal bot

Hi. I’ve been trying to build a universal bot, is there any way to trigger a dialog task of one sub-bot from another? Thanks.

Hello @bhatdheeraj19,

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By default, user context cannot be switched from one bot to another.

In case of Universal Bot, we can use Invocation names to automatically trigger another child bot task from one child bot, however this will work in limited user cases.

For example:

We have CB1 and CB2. In CB2 we have a feedback task. After the end of every conversation, we want to trigger the feedback directly from CB1 without requirement for user utterance. In that case, we can trigger the task from CB1 using invocation phrase.

However, if the user case includes user utterances, we cannot achieve that in this particular way. We can use SDK to address this to some extent, depending on the usecases.