Trigger KG through Dialog Tasks


We have developed an FAQ chatbot which we have set up as follows:

  1. KG contains a few questions with trained intents
  2. Dialog Tasks to manage user interaction and intent detection through Entity Nodes (list of items - enumerated list)
  3. The selection through the list in point#2 leads to automatically firing the intent and the relevant answer from KG is displayed
  4. This is ublished to Google Chat through the Hangouts Channel
    These steps work by the standard design of KORE bot framework.

Issue / Requirement:
For some user experience reasons, we need to get rid of the ‘List of items - enumerated list’ in the entity node (point# 2) and replace it with the javascript based text to display the list of items. This will require us to trigger the KG by means of the appropriate intent.
We have looked up the documentation + community threads and found no relevant method to achieve this.

Can you please help us with the releavant Knowledge Article or the method to achieve this?

Thank you.
Swanand Sarpotdar

Hello @swanand_sarpotdar,

This same question has been answered through the ticket you have raised.

We informed you that in the current version platform it is a limitation to trigger the KG from an Entity LOV input. As a workaround we suggested using the Message node and with the message node payload you can trigger the KG. Or you can use the botkit which acts as a middleware to tap all the flow and route/trigger appropriate task as intended.

All about Botkit functions can be found here