Travel Planning sample bot - all task responses discarded/incomplete

(Richard Mark) #1

I downloaded and setup the Travel Planning samplet bot.
Unfortunately, I can’t get the bot to work as designed in any of the tasks:

  • Book flight didn’t accept any locations, task discarded and chat stopped.
  • Weather condition query response didn’t load the conditions…chat simply stopped.
    *Weather forecast didn’t load when I clicked the link in the chat (showed error message “couldn’t find data for your query”)

Have I missed something in the setup? Should the sample work straight out of the box?


(Swagat) #2

Hello @richard_aus
The sample straight out of the box won’t work. The purpose if to make you familiar with the capabilities of platform through various tasks, nodes etc. You will need a subscription (free/ paid) to APIs. Please go through the service node, web hook nodes, botkit documentation to understand further.