Theme and design of the XO 11 platform bot

Hello kore team, I am having the following problem with the theme and design of my bot.

I followed the instructions in the documentation: Adding the Web/Mobile Client Channel - Kore ai Docs

I created a new theme for my bot and implemented it, when I published the bot in the client web-mobile channel in the given url I can see the theme change but when I insert the html code in my web page I don’t see the design changes, it shows the default kore design and I can’t close the welcome interface even if I deactivate it in the theme settings.

I thank you in advance for the support you can give me regarding this issue.

theme basic kore: theme basic

bot on the website:
correct design:

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The same thing happens to me, is there anyone who can help? Even if I change the theme and publish it, it omits it and always shows the default theme

Hello Edson,

Welcome back to Community.
Could you please share screen recording of the reported issue ?

That would help us in replicating and identifying the issue.

Thank you,
Srujan Madderla Community Team

Hello Srujan

Thank you very much, yes, I share the video where we can see the configurations and as shown, I share a drive link because it does not let me load videos

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