The "user input" of the standard bot message node is not working properly in universal bots

Before the recent update, when using connect as user input of the message node, the utterances made with buttons in the message node and other dialog tasks were connected well.
But now it doesn’t work.
I need a solution to keep the service to the client.
We apologize for such an experience that you are having to face. Can you please share more details with us? How exactly is the bot configured? We are creating a support ticket on your behalf. Can you please share your bot with and let us know if you are using the latest web-SDK?


First of all, thank you so much for your reply.

And I am sorry that I did not know if the community was connected to a ticket of get support and applied for a ticket and a community twice.

There is a ticket called 18509 that I previously applied for, and I think that the process and contents of the ticket are duplicated.

I’m posting in a place where I can ask a question because I want a quick fix. I’m sorry again if this interfered with your work.

But I hope this issue gets resolved soon.
thank you