Tasks on Hold in Dialog Task

(Babitha Guntur) #1

I am testing the bot through “Talk to Bot” and invoking intents one by one. The previous intent is completed but however Kore says that I can help you with ‘XYZ’, however, I can only have task on hold for you at a time. You must cancel one to proceed. I was not able to find any options based on your choice. Ok, I am discarding the task for now. We can start over whenever you are ready.

(Swagat) #2

@baguntur You seem to be a new user on bot-builder. There are hold and resume settings at bot level, task level and node level. If you have made any such setting, the bot will respond accordingly.
If you call and intent and you are in the middle of it (end of dialogue is not reached - check debug log) and then you call another intent, hold and resume setting will be in effect.
You can change hold and resume setting or complete the task before invoking new one.
We tested it and it is working fine.