Switch To Different Dialogue Tasks Specific Node

Hi Kore Community,

I am wonder if it is possible to switch from one dialogue task to a different dialogue task. But when you switch over from the initial dialogue task to the second dialogue task you go directly to a specific node and you don’t start at the beginning of dialogue task 2.


It is possible to trigger a dialog from within another dialog by mapping to dialog task node.


However, we will not be able to skip to a particular node within the second dialog based on any condition. Dialog execution will start from the intent node and is processed in sequence.

Let us know if you there are any other questions.

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But a data can be passed into such a called dialog and then a Logic node at the start of the dialog can test for that and transition to whatever is needed.

Note that the Entity Pre-Assignments on the Dialog node can include simple context settings, not just entities, to initialize the context object on the called dialog.

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