String based Bot Action Connections If else conditions not working

I have created a bot action with service to get data from data tables, in bot action connections i am using if else check to verify a value if its active or suspended. But when i check the condition getPayeeAccountStatusService.response.body.queryResult[0].status equals to Active then the further actions are not executed as expected and its moving to the else case even after the if condition is successful. The Active and Suspended are stored as strings in data tables . Need help in fixing this issue.

Hi @bollampallyrohit ,

As we do not have access to your, we are unable to check the configurations.
As an initial level of troublehsooting, we suggest you to try the below.

Use this command print(JSON.stringify(context)) to print context after the Bot Action and check this path “getPayeeAccountStatusService.response.body.queryResult[0]” in the context object.

And if you can see the value as “Active” in the context, then only it will transition to CaptureDateToTransfer as per your configuration.

If the active is not present then it will take the Else Part as per your configuration.

Thank you,
Srujan Madderla Community Team

Hi, I face the exact same problem! I tried print(JSON.stringify(context) with the service node path and it says “active” but still doesn’t work… Are there more recommendations?
@bollampallyrohit How did you fix it?

Hello @holland
For me the issue was a typo ( space). The service call response component was not referred correctly by me hence this issue occurred you can also try to check if you have added any spaces.