Store the FAQ response when a KG is invoked

Is there any way we could store the response received when KG is invoked , because by default the response coming from KG is not maintained anywhere in the context.

Right now I am using webhook to get the response through service node.

Please let me know if there is any alternate available

Hi @chatbotcognigy56,

Apologies for the delay in response.
As per your analysis, you can continue using the webhook procedure.
We have discussed this with our internal teams, context will not be storing the FAQ response once the bot responds with the answer.

Yoga Ramya

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Sure, Thanks for the confirmation

Hello, Can you describe how are you storing the KG response in the context?
We have a similar reqquirement where we need to save the KG response in the context and then render it.

Thank you in advance.
Swanand Sarpotdar

Hello @swanand_sarpotdar,

To answer your questions, context will not store KG response. You can use webhook, or use botkit to capture the response.