Statistics report on count/percentage that connected to the bot at a given time

(Sheela Dimayuga) #1

Hi - In an attempt to augment analysis and bot improvement, I am looking for a way to check bot load. Basically, the feature I’m looking for is:

  • determine how many users are connected to the bot, and in which channel, for a given time

This is to assess possible increase of monitoring by live-agents, for when bot traffic is very high. Or check access point to maximize promotions.

Is this available/possible in

(Yoga Ramya Mendu) #2

Hi @sheela.dimayuga,

We infer from your query that you would like to analyze the bot usage and metrics.

Please go to Dashboard >> Usage Metrics.

This section would provide us with the complete information on Bot sessions, number of users communicating to the bot in different channels and the number of live agent sessions.


Kindly let us know if your requirement is different from above.

Yoga Ramya.

(Sheela Dimayuga) #3

Thank you @yogaramya.mendu! I was actually looking at this metrics after I posted, and noticed that it only has a 24hr option for the hourly monitoring. Though this would really help, I was thinking more of a longer period, so as to really determine trends. If there are no other ways, I guess we can code some scripts to capture the necessary data.

Again, thank you very much!