SmartAssist "batch reading" two text nodes that are supposed to be read separately

Hi folks,

I’m having an issue with SmartAssist “batching” two text nodes over the phone. I’m trying to figure out a way to force it to read them separately.


One of my bots makes a time-consuming API call. I added a “please wait” message node before the call.

After the call, additional info may be required if multiple results were returned. Just 1 result? No further questions. More than 1 result? The user needs to be asked, “What’s the date of service?”

So, the flow looks like this:

message node
 API lookup
if results > 1
 entity node

In web chat, it works great. The bot prints, “Just a moment while I look that up.” Then, after the API call, it prints the entity prompt.

The timing is like this:

Just a moment while I look that up. […pause during the API call…] What’s the date of service?


Over the phone through AudioCodes, SmartAssist squashes both messages together, like this:

[…pause during the API call…] Just a moment while I look that up. What’s the date of service?

Is there a way to tell it not to do that?

Hello @eeskildsen ,

Thank you for the detailed explanation. I would like to understand if these message nodes and API service are all within the Bot or are they part of the SmartAssist Flows.

If they are within the bot, then all control will be with the bot and so we can use delay function in case of voice channel or some similar logic can be applied.

If it is within flows then we will have to review the flow logic to determine the solution.

Hi Sameera,

Thanks for the reply. The nodes are all in the bot (screenshot).

The timing works great in text chat, just not over the phone. Over the phone there’s a long delay between #1 and #2.

What’s supposed to happen is, the bot says #2 immediately after the user replies to the entity prompt (#1). Instead, there’s a long delay. The bot seems to wait till the API call completes (#3) to read #2. It reads #2 and #4 together.

Bump…I still haven’t figured this one out. Does anyone know how to fix the timing?