Smart Alerts help you take proactive decisions


(Sreedhar Karri) #1 introduced ‘Smart Alerts’ in its chatbots that help customers and employees receive timely notifications on their travel transactions and improve communications with airlines staff and systems.

‘Smart Alerts’ from chatbots inspire conversations — through Natural Language Processing (NLP) — to make the customer experience easier, faster and more satisfying. chatbots have access to available knowledge about the customer and how similar customers responded. With data collection gaining significance, the places where humans can match the ability of machines to make real-time decisions will be precious few. Solutions to help lines of business (such as sales and marketing departments) to improve decision making are also popular.

Smart Alerts maintain contextual information’s new ‘Smart Alerts’ lets the airlines send contextually relevant information to users during their bot dialog journey. Depending on the context and trigger, you can manage and terminate notifications that may be of interest to users. It can give customers personalized and timely notifications that make sense to them. bots will never let you forget about your next boarding time. With an integrated reminder feature, users are kept up to date with their flights and unexpected changes. The feature also allows passengers to set their own alarms with a quick reminder text. This is specifically useful for passengers that tend to get caught up in the terminal shops. The alert can be set right in time for someone to walk over to the gate after spending a couple of minutes shopping through the duty free section. This feature is definitely not the most important one, but it helps expand the usability of the bot which adds to the user experience.

Refer section ‘Define Alert Subscription Service’ in the Help Documentation Section: Working with Service Nodes