Serving to the web with using framework except for Node.JS

In addition to the way to serve KoreAI assistant using Node.JS guided in documenation,
Is there any ways or guides works well with other web frameworks? (Spring etc.)

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If you can elaborate a bit more on your query it will be helpful. Are you talking about using WebSDK from other frameworks? Or talking about BotKit?

I am talking about WebSDK. Is WebSK only compatible with Node.JS (or is there any way to work well with other web frameworks?)
WebSDK is a js and Jquery based library. Serving the same is currently offered through nodejs. But this is just and example. It can be served using any static or dynamic content as long as the right libraries are loaded in the index.js. The example also talks about a demo jwt service but again that can be achieved using any technology or language. Just a jwt token service is needed… Only minification needs nodejs. But I believe that it can also be done by other techniques and tools.

@rajasekhar.balla please validate my understanding.

I see ! It can be used with other ways :slight_smile: Thanks for replying