Service Node with Status Code 200 and message "Balances Read" not working and giving 406 Status Code

Hi Team,

I am calling Well Fargo Open Banking APIs in Service node. I am able to call the Get Token API but not able to call the Get Account Balance. One thing I have observed in postman, API returns 200 with Balances Read instead of 200 OK.

Is that causing the issue as Service Node giving me 406 Not Acceptable issue?

Kindly give some pointer to call this API?

Hi Team,

Any update on this?

Following is the API:

x-fapi-financial-id : 01FZ7MUV67NDN3P7VLAHA36MBJN4MSW3GPTWPAAA
Authorization : Bearer kur8Bx4kfbfOL9qER6vReK0bzVvA

Can you please check configuring this API?

For your reference PFB Screenshot for the postman:

curl --location --request GET ‘’ \

–header ‘x-fapi-financial-id: 01FZ7MUV67NDN3P7VLAHA36MBJN4MSW3GPTWPAAA’ \

–header ‘Authorization: Bearer kur8Bx4kfbfOL9qER6vReK0bzVvA’