Service node response is not the same from Postman response


We just notice that there are instances where the responses are not the same, particularly for large amounts.

MicrosoftTeams-image (8)
On the attached image, we are getting 99999999999999999.00 from Postman and 100000000000000000.00 from the service node - it seems 1 was added.

Also noticed that on another data, minimumBalance, Postman shows 0.00 but shows 0.0. This is really a non-issue but the same as the situation above, is Kore doing some processing to the response before sending it back to the user?

Thank you.

17 significant digits is right on the edge of what is handled comfortably by number storage and formatting, so you are likely to see artifacts where the C compiler generates a slightly different value.

Postman is likely treating everything as text because that is what comes in on the wire, but the platform will be parsing the data and converting numbers to a numeric storage so that it can perform computations and comparisons.

Ten thousand trillion pounds is far more than any-one will ever deposit, and the difference in the 17th place is pretty insignificant.