Separate auth page, then back to chabot - Possible? How?

(Sheela Dimayuga) #1

Hello Kore! Kindly suggest a technical implementation to satisfy the following sequence of requirements:

  1. User selects a transaction via chatbot.
  2. Chatbot identifies transaction needs some “authentication”, and provides a url link to the authentication webpage.
  3. User clicks the url, and is directed to that page.
  4. In the auth page, user enters some info, and some validation occurs.
  5. If auth page deem the information “Valid”, then throws additional info back to the chatbot.
  6. Chatbot displays some message depending on the returned “response” from #5.

#4 is a critical requirement, as this prevents the sharing of sensitive information via channels.

We do not know if the above sequence is possible. Kindly advise.


(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

Hi @sheela.dimayuga,
This is achievable on using custom authentication service type at service node of dialog tasks. Please refer to the below link on developer documentation and let us know if you have any further questions.

(Sheela Dimayuga) #3

Yes, this is exactly what we’re looking for! We’ll check it out, and consult again if we find any hurdles. Thank you!

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #4


The platform offers the capability for the developer to define a custom authentication type at the service node using which he could use to send back a response to the platform (which should be available in the context data) and define the transition rules accordingly.

Below is an demonstration of using the custom authentication service type at service node of dialog tasks:

The task ‘Book a ticket’ uses custom authentication service type at a service node and proceeds to the entity ‘date’ only if the value in context for key ‘isValid’ is true. The developer should create the infrastructure to collect, decode the callback url from the auth link and make a POST call to the callback URL to push data to the platform as per requirement.

Sample dialog configuration:

Screenshot of auth message presented to user during execution of dialog ‘Book a ticket’

Screenshot of auth link being resolved and containing the callback url of the platform which the developer could use to make a POST call

Sample decoded call back url:$$

Screenshot of POSTMAN client using the callback URL to POST the data to the platform

Screenshot showing that the key “isValid” is available in the context now and the transition is based on the condition defined at the node.


More details on custom authentication can be found at the below link