Sentiment Management not triggering the Task when it reaches the Emotion Level

I have created an event in the Sentiment Management. In “Event Trigger” option i have set it to "After every user utterance". Also, Emotion and Range has been selected and set.

In Event configuration, I have selected to initiate a Task. But after reaching the threshold value of certain emotion the event is not getting triggered.





As you can see, I uttered with fear type of question. In the debugger menu also shows fear range is about 2, in Sentiment Management i have set fear range to -1 to 1.
Then also the particular task is not being intiated properly.

Also i have tried in Run script method, but it didn’t triggered anything.

Hi @praveen.r1,

Thank you for the detailed explanation.

Our team is working on the scenario, we will reach out to you if we need any further inputs.

Yoga Ramya

Hello @praveen.r1,

The Emotion Configuration results in AND condition as seen below:


As mentioned in our documentation, when multiple emotions are selected, the event is triggered when ALL the tone rules are met. In case you want the event to trigger when any tone rule is met, add them as separate rules.