Seeking Ideas for Data Output in Case of Interruptions in Conversation Flow

Hello. I’m currently working on creating an automated telephone response bot using XO Platform and SmartAssist.
However, I’m facing a challenge that I can’t seem to resolve, so I’d really appreciate your ideas.

In the context of conversations between users and the bot, I’m aiming to export the conversation history and parameters to an external database when the conversation reaches the end of the Experience Flow. Specifically, I want the bot’s Service Node to access Salesforce and store the conversation history up to that point.
This should be easily achievable as long as the conversation progresses to the end of the Experience Flow.

However, if the user disconnects the call in the middle of the conversation, it seems that SmartAssist immediately stops the Experience Flow, making it challenging to figure out how to export data to an external source in such cases.
Do you have any good ideas or suggestions for handling this situation?

Since I’ve been provided with a solution, I’ll share it here.

After creating an experience flow with the flow type “Call Disconnect Flow” and setting it up within the main experience flow, regardless of whether the conversation ends or the user disconnects, the “Call Disconnect Flow” is executed.

Utilizing this, it seems achievable to place a RunAutomation node within the “Call Disconnect Flow” to execute the XO Platform’s dialog task and accomplish the desired outcome.

Hello @shota-f ,

Thank you for sharing this with the community.

Srujan Madderla Community Team