Scope of a scene

I am new to the Bot product. I believe that I understand the concept of a scene, but I am missing a few things. Given that my bot is to be presented to a user by an insurance company, the user wants to know the status of a claim. The bot asks him or her if the claim number is known. If not, the bot proceeds to ask some additional questions such as the date of service, the doctor…

Would all of the above live within one scene or would the Welcome be a scene, the date of service be another scene, the provider’s name be yet another and so forth?

At the moment Scenes in the Storyboard are just a way to design and documentation different conversations. So the scope of them is entirely up to you.

There are future plans for you to be able to turn these scenes into actual dialog flows, and so at that point it will probably be desirable that a scene covers the entire conversation and not be micro managed to a single entity. But that doesn’t preclude you using scenes to explore possibilities.