Same bot instance or session is visible in all the instances

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Hi Team,
We are developed an application Web/iOS and Android platforms. I believe that a single session is shared by all the users that are using the applications.
Because one message typed by user is visible to all other users connected to the bot at that time.
Please help me on this issue.

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Hi Team,

Could you please update me on this issue.

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@chandrasekhar.anasur One session is not shared by all users. If all users (assuming people are using own mobile phones to chat) are seeing the same message as others, most probably platform is identifying all the physical users as same platform user. This can happen when the jwt “sub” is hard-coded. Please check the android/ iOS/ web SDK. There is a high probability that user identity is being hard coded in all the places.

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Hi Swagat,
same botOptions.userIdentity = ‘’;

is using web,ios and android apps.

how can we pass the jwt “sub” dynamically.
could you please suggest me steps to how can we achieve this.

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That explains why everyone sees the messages posted from different devices.
As of now, we do not offer services for web/ mobile app development. We expect the users to explore the ways to capture the user identity.
In case of web, you may get it from session (assuming you are getting the credentials authenticated and you can pull the user name/ email id from there). It should just be unique for all users.

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