Retrieve input via Form

i want to retrive like 10-15 input params from user before processing the service. can i load a form to the user to get all inputs ? If its posible can u let me know how to use the same input params while constructing the input request for a service ? Is there any validation can be applied on the input form ?

Hi @kamalakannanvkp,

Currently, there is no provision to achieve this directly from the platform.
You can add those fields as dynamic parameters to the service node.

Yoga Ramya.

Hello, i am not sure which one to follow. can you be more precise on this ?

Hi @kamalakannanvkp,

As per your explanation given above, we infer that you would like to take the input from the user through form and pass these inputs to a Service which is configured in the immediate service node.

Since we will not be able to display a form as of now. We requested you to configure dynamic Parameters to the Service node i.e., you will need to use the Entity nodes to prompt the user for inputs.

Let us know if you need any further clarification on the above.

Yoga Ramya.

@kamalakannanvkp The provision to pass the user inputs via web forms is not available at dialog tasks as of now.

This feature is available at simple task though (Actions, Alerts and Information tasks). While executing the task, user could either pass the field values by sending messages to the bot or alternatively clicking on the “Make edits” links, fill the details as needed and submit.

The ability to provide web forms at dialogs is on our road map and we would update you once the feature is implemented and made available on production.

Hi @Subrahmanyam,
Can you provide us details on any update of the digital forms usage in dialog task.

  • I need to get data from forms at dialog task after i submit it.

  • I am able to create the form but not able to access the form in chatbot and get values from it. It got struck at initiating the form node.