Retrieve Data from data Table

Hi, All
I have created a data table with columns [ UserName , PhoneNumber , Email , TimeSlot ].

I’m trying to retrieve data by taking phonenumber as user-input ! but before showing data I want to check if there are some element in response or not.
if there are some data in response they I’ll show it , else give a message that no data available with this phone number.

how to set this logic if(data present) show result
else show no data available.

thank You !

Hello @harsh.sharma6,

Using service response, we can use node connections to set the condition. First we use GetData service to pull data with the condition of phone number = entity input.


The response of a service node will look like below:


Then, in connections, you can use the total count as a condition to trigger the desired flow as below:


Thanks @sameera.tumuluri , I have done it.