Responding "No" in response to "Did you mean?" for ambiguous replies

When a user types something ambiguous, the bot replies with a “Did you mean:” response with the closest match(es). This is as expected. However, if the user simply types “No” in response, the bot responds with “OK” or “Alright” and then stops.

Is there a way when this happens to not display “OK” or “Alright” and to instead trigger a specific dialog task? Or to provide a different response? I can not find anywhere to do this under Events or Standard Responses. Thank you!


Dear @bret.ingerman ,

Thank you for reaching out to Community!

This is expected behavior in Platform to respond to such utterances - Smalltalk Configuration.

Kindly follow the documentation below that talks about the Smalltalk configuration in the bots:

You may edit the SmallTalk to give a different response to users.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Community Team.