Removing emojis from bot

Hi team,

Currently we are using version 10.1.13 of websdk as a npm package.

What happens is currently if the user types anything like “Hello :D”, it gets converted to “Hello :smiley:” as soon as the message is sent to the bot. We want to remove this feature so that “Hello :D” is sent only as “Hello :D” to the bot.

In the github repo for the npm package ( Koredotcom/web-kore-sdk at v2/10.1.13 (, I can see that there is a function named “nl2br” which converts text to emojis and I can see it is being called in ConvertMDtoHTML, but the flag on the basis of which it has to decide whether to convert it to emoji or not is set to true always and there is no way to override that.

Is there any way for us to turn off the emojis while using the kore websdk as a npm package.

Hi @kinjalk.bajpai ,

Thank you for reaching out to Community
We are checking on this with our internal team.

Once we have the testing done from our end we will share an update on this.

Thank you,
Srujan Madderla Community Team