Release 6.2 - New Features added

This release 6.2 introduces Chatbot-IVR integration capabilities to our conversational AI platform which will enable developers to integrate conventional bots to their existing IVR systems. Several enhancements have been made in the Knowledge graphs and entities to ensure better intent recognition and entity extraction. Addressing our client’s need for customization, our platform now includes customizable NLP Thresholds and channel specific welcome messages.

The latest release includes:

  • IVR Integration: now lets you build chatbots that can empower your IVR system with human-like conversation capabilities that can take your organization’s customer service experience to the next level. With novel features like native VXML support, hybrid integration, highly intuitive interface, and granular call flow support; we are leading the way for the seamless and hassle-free integration with the existing IVR systems.

  • Knowledge Graphs Enhancements: There are a host of enhancements to the Ontology-based Knowledge Graph (KG) engine that includes separate ontology for each supported language, with the control for developers to publish the KG in the selected language. We have also introduced the global synonyms and concurrent development to ease the working with Knowledge graph for developers

  • Customizable NLP Thresholds: Developers can now modify the thresholds for Fundamental Meaning, Knowledge Graph, and Ranking and Resolver engines to suit their bot use case.

  • Entity Enhancement: NLP engine now supports ‘Date period’ and ‘Age’ as two additional system entities. Developers can also define composite entities that can combine multiple system entities.

  • Auto-Correction of Relevant Inputs for List of Values(LOV): Developer can now set up auto-correct thresholds for the LOV entity type so that it not only accepts exact matches but also closest utterances with small variations.

Additionally, the platform has been enhanced for better performance with architectural improvement and software upgrades.

Check out the Bots Platform v6.2 Release Details on’s Developer Site to explore more.