Regular Table Template Issue

(Neha Sheikh) #1

Regular table data is not getting wrapped.

  1. My data is clipped with three ellipsis and also
  2. As there are only 4 records in the table, no Show More link is shown and unable to view complete data due to that

Any workaround to wrap the text within table so that complete data is visible in table itself.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

@nehamsheikh Could you please let us know the template being used and also the relevant screenshots to look into the issue further?

(Neha Sheikh) #3

I have user regular table template as shown:


As you can see - there are two columns with values.
There are only 4 records right now, records count may increase/decrease. I have cropped data values for security reasons.

There is no Show more link so we cannot view the table in popup.
And Data in Value column is shown with ellipsis (…) and there is no way for me to view complete data.

(Ajay) #4

@nehamsheikh If you are already using kore WebSDK, accordingly required changes can be made to the respective template function in ChatWindow.js file in the SDK to implement a workaround.

In the Bot builder, we see that there is no way to see the full content of table data only when there are four or less than four records in the table. This needs a code change at our end and will be deployed in our next release.

(Neha Sheikh) #5

Correct. We can modify web sdk. For now I have implemented this change and ths fix is working for me.

But that is not correct solution, right?
By default the css for regular template should be modified to show row contents wrapped in case the context size is big. This will help all and no manual changes will be required.