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When I started using bot , i felt i don’t want intent suggestion like(Did you mean). So I removed it by replacing NAN in Standard responses . Again, my requirement is to hold the user control , so though of enabling it by placing it to(Did you mean?) along with suggestions. But I can’t able to have the suggestions back after replacing it. For you reference , please have a look for below attached image. Can someone please guide me ?intent suggestion issue

M Navya

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Hello @mandava.navya123,

The following post should be helpful in displaying the choices again.

Please note that once a standard response is edited, the internal functions linked to the response will be overridden as well, so we need to customize the response. We cannot undo the changes. The same info is conveyed as part of our documentation (

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Hi @sameera.tumuluri,

Thanks for the response ,

We have updated the response with button template the one which you shared . But it’s not displaying the buttons, but a JSON object. After I closed the bot widget and open it again, it renders the buttons.
Like the button template is rendered after the session ends. Where we can see buttons after reopen a new conversation with the bot, but not while we are in the session.
Please have a look into attachment for more clarity . Please let me know the solution for this.

Json obejct respose_left ___ Reopen new conversation_right

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Please select the channel as web/mobile client instead of “All channels” as this template is specific to the web / mobile SDKs