Problem with standard response from universal bot

I found that responding with small talk or standard response rather than going to Intent not identified in certain words.
This issue was not observed in standard bots, but is consistently observed in universal bots.

I couldn’t find the keyword in English
The keywords that cause the problem in Korean are as follows.

  • 아라
  • 팩스
  • 마켓팅

Additionally, there is a condition to discovering this problem.
I did not feel this problem when working through the bot builder, but found it while analyzing Analyze’s NLP Insight. However, in the bot builder, it came out normal and misunderstood whether it was fixed.

There is a condition where the problem occurs, and it is in the deployed universal bot.
Therefore, the same symptoms were found even in the state of cheat developer off, such as the distributed universal.

The corresponding keywords brought the same response in other universal bots under the same conditions.

The results did not change significantly even when learning small talk belonging to the corresponding response or modifying the standard response.

i want to solve this problem