Problem in fetching data from data table

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I have stored the data in data table from digital from now when i am trying to access the data it is showing error I have attached the necessary pics with this post (the pics of bot is just for demo purposes i wanted to check its usability)

Looking at your pictures, I didn’t see anything obvious that was incorrect. I would recommend you confirm your input and output values by placing a few ‘koreDebugger.log(your_variable_name)’ in your script nodes. Try koreDebugger.log(context.fetchdatap.response.body.queryResult) and confirm you’re getting a value (I’m pretty sure you are not).
Every time I’ve ever seen a “Scope is incorrect” error, it was because an APP was not correctly configured. Why you’re getting this error is a mystery to me. I would recommend you check the table settings and make sure you have all the permissions turned on and assigned to your bot.

I don’t believe an APP is required for internal tables, but it wouldn’t hurt to try adding one.


Good luck…use that koreDebugger.log() command! It will save you a lot of frustration…