POST API for user finding out user engagement trends

Hii can anyone help me verifying once i am getting data for this but i don’t know why users are comming 0 for each day. Though i have interactions with bot.


channel is rtm.
date from july 24-2022 to 7 sept 2022. Please `look at it once.
Bot Id: st-12bb850c-3a90-553f-a571-010902c0f008

Dear @caditi009 ,

Thank you for reaching out to Community!

Kindly confirm below details:

Is the bot published?
Did you talk to the Chatbot from the hosted Website or from the bot builder?
Do you see the data in any of the Dashboard sections during this time stamp?

Regards, Community Team.

Sorry for the delay in the reply. Actually i talked to bot from the bot builder. After the chatting is over
with the bot and under Analyze section when i check for analytics of chat nothing is visible for 24hrs filter except conversation history dashboard. Some of the older conversations analytics are also not visible in these dashboards. I have given development access to kore support please look at this issue.

Dear @caditi009 ,

We tried talking to the bot from WebSDK Link and we could see the metrics data (Intent Found) as desired for 24 Hours duration. We can also see your conversation from this morning. Are you sure you talked to the right bot earlier?

Screenshot for your reference:

Hope this helps.

Regards, Community Team.