Possibility of creating a custom dashboard using child nodes in Knowledge graph


(Akhil Solo) #1

I have created a Knowledge base with one parent node and have multiple child nodes, and under those child nodes, I have multiple categories (sub-child node) and under the categories I have the FAQ’s.
Example of a path in parent node:
Parent Node -
Child nodes in XYZ -
1. * ABC
2. * EFG
3. * HIJ
Sub-child nodes in ABC-
*** 123**
*** 456**
*** 789**
multiple FAQ’s in Sub-child node 123

I want to prepare a dashboard using child nodes “ABC”, “EFG” and “HIJ”.

  1. How to create a dashboard to know the no.of questions asked from ABC, EFG and HIJ(nodes). Is this possible? If yes how can I achieve it on the custom dashboard and the steps for the same.
  2. If no, Is there any other possible way to fetch the custom dashboard and how?