Outbound Call flow

Hi , I would like to create voice call flow from the bot to the user . How can it be done ?

Hello @anuka.gowda,

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If our understanding is correct - you want to be able to trigger a response from the bot to user automatically.

To answer to that questions - Bots platform will only respond to a user’s input. I.e, until we have a trigger from users, bot does not communicate with the users.

Please clarify if the use case in detail, if there are any more questions.

Hello Sameera,
I have outbound flow in my outbound dialog task. however , I use postman post request to initiate it the outbound call /sms. I want to incorporate it in chatbot by creating a dialog task or something , so that It can initiate an outbound call/sms via chatbot.

Please guide me .

Khushboo Yadav