On Email Channel bot is not evaluating query from Email Subject


(Himanshu Goel) #1


I have deployed my bot to email channel. When I am writing the query in Email Body the bot is giving response properly. But if i mentioned the same query in Email Subject and don’t mention anything then the bot is failing and giving me failed response like below:

So, please let me know if it is limitation of the bot that we need to write our query in email body only not in the subject?

(swathi vadlamani) #2

@himanshu.goel.mca I did test the usecase by sending only email subject with no body and in my case the bot responded back.

(Himanshu Goel) #3

Hi @swathi.vadlamani, While re-creating this scenario can you use the bot email id: ‘gtb.smart.doc.faq@bots.kore.com’

Because I have again tried my scenario and it is not working.

Below is the snapshot when I included the query on subject itself:

Below is the response, which shows that it is failing to give correct response:

Below is the snapshot when I added the query on email body:


And below is the snapshot of successful retrial of the response:

(swathi vadlamani) #4

@himanshu.goel.mca I sent my questions in subject to the given email id and it worked for me

(Himanshu Goel) #5

Thanks @swathi.vadlamani for you response. Out of curiosity this time I send this query using my personal Gmail Id, not from the office email, Also I didn’t use the outlook for this as-well. This time it successfully revert the response correctly.

So, can you suggest how to debug it further to find the root cause, because this might be a defect in the bot implementation itself related to channel deployment. Or may be if your team has outlook exchange or corporate email Id, can you please retry this scenario once again.

(swathi vadlamani) #6

@himanshu.goel.mca I will test it from outlook and will get back to you. We will figure this out together.

(swathi vadlamani) #7

@himanshu.goel.mca I configured my gmail in outlook and tested the same. It worked perfect. I don’t have any other email domain to test. Can you work with your devops to understand your SMTP settings?