Null values in Username and UserId Analytic Dashboard

(Akhil Solanathan) #1


Here I see that on the basis of userid, we get the data and is represented in this form which looks quite messy.
So, I tried using username, and got the below result on the dashboard.
Here there are values that shown as “Null”.
What do they mean exactly and how can I get the names(Usernames) of users chatting on a Web/mobile client page onto the dashboard instead of “Null”.
I want to display the chart with the all usernames who chat with the bot from a web page on a daily/weekly/monthly basis(this i believe is the custom timeslicer feature i can use)

(Swagat) #2

Since a standard bot allows anonymous access over any channel, user name is not always available.
You may consider customData to pass on user name explicitly.
You may also query an external LDAP/ AD exposed system to get user name and use it as meta tag.