Not able to add data in data table

Hi Team,

We have created data table in our chatbot and we are adding data into that table using Digital forms.

It was working fine but now the data is not getting added.

I have checked everything but it is not working.

Please find the screenshot that we are getting while debugging in Webchat.

Dear @lakshmi.jay ,

Thank you for reaching out to Community!

  1. Do you see the issue with all the bots or just EVA SR Bot?
  2. Did you try running the below API’s and check if the data is updated?

If you use the below API’s, are you able to add the data to the tables?

Lastly, we believe one of your team members (Mridul Agarwal) has raised a support ticket with on this issue. We are working with her to resolve the issue. Also, we looped Kishore Kumar in the ticket updates. Kindly ask her to loop you in on the ticket for further updates.

Regards, Community Team.

Hi team,

I want to know that, the data is getting inserted into the table using the Data table service(Add data) and we are also able to fetch/GET the data using the Data table service(GET Data). But in the table view we are only able to see 10 records, I want to confirm if it’s a Licensing constraint or some limiter is set.
Please let me know, because it is a crucial part of our development.