Need sample message for TTS SSML - Google and Azure

Hi, Looking to make use of SSML tags in Google. Tried copy pasting examples from Google SSML link(Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)  |  Cloud Text-to-Speech API  |  Google Cloud) as is and various other combinations. Its just reading as is (except the tags which are not read out). Like in first example all 10s are read as just 10s irrespective of cardinal,ordinal, characters. My main use case is to confirm 16 or above digits card number wtih user but it keeps reading as billion-milion etc.

Looks like need to indicate somewhere that its a ssml and not regular text message. Tried in Plain and Advanced Javascript (for All channel and SmartAssist channel). Pls suggest whats missing or any koreai link with Confirmation/Message node examples for Google and Azure specifically. Thanks in advance.

Hi @senthil.udayar ,

Please let us know the SSML code that you have tried in this case.
Ideally, providing the appropriate SSML code in the entity node or message node >> Advanced script by selecting the respective channel should work until the end-channel supports the SSML script.

Yoga Ramya

Thanks, tried these already. Figured out that we have to use the Voice Properties - Initial Prompt option only then it works not just in Message/Entity node Advanced.

Here is an example of how I used SSML in a message node to read back digits as characters rather than as a number. Please note that this is plain text, but the channel is IVR - AudioCodes. I hope this helps…