Need in file upload url

Hi team,

This is a query regarding file upload through chatbot-

The requirement is to allow the user to upload a document and send it to another Azure service/ function which would validate it further on. We have tried using the mediastream URL which we see during debug session.

However, using this approach lands us in certain issues-

 One being Too many Tries! Issue where the URL doesn’t open up the image


 Even after publishing the bot and doing the file upload, we see ‘Resource Not Found’ on the Azure service side which indicates the issue is due to the file link.

 Other being time expiration of the link – the following blog mentions the time duration to be 5 min which seems to be true and hence we anticipate this would not allow us to store the links directly in storage like blobs.


Kindly suggest on the approach to be followed for file upload where we can directly have these images stored somewhere within the platform instead of using the mediastream link directly.
For now, we are using the File Upload Entity type – please guide us if there is some way to have the file path stored in URL from this entity directly.

Let me also know your availability of call.

Harshit Kumar

The platform has some security policies. The URL generated for the attachment is either - a one-time access URL - or - it expires in 5 mins… whichever is earlier.
This policy will most likely not change because this is predominantly a conversational AI platform and file storage is not a primary objective.
You will need to download the attachment to the BotKit (locally) to be able to push it to any third-party system (or do anything you like with it).
Hope this link helps you further.