My flow is working fine over chats but same flow is not working over call

in my flow bot will ask user to provide a account number then user will try to say, “my account is xxxxx”. this time my bot should collect the user account number and proceed. this condition is working over chat but over call it is not working.

There are several reasons why your flow will work with text but not with voice. You haven’t provided much information to help isolate the issue, but I’ll tell you about the most common cause of this problem that I have encountered.

What you’re likely to find is that your (voice) entity value will have extra spaces where you didn’t expect. I have experienced this behavior in my bots and it is especially true if you’re capturing a value with a string entity type that contains both letters and numbers .

It can be difficult to troubleshoot voice, so I recommend you insert a debug command in your flow to make the entity value visible. Please put this statement in a script node that executes in your flow: koreDebugger.log(context.entities.your_entity_name). Modify this statement to reflect the entity name that is failing in your flow, so you can verify what is actually being captured. You can view the log output in the Analytics panel. Once you know the real value of the entity captured by voice, you can consider actions to fix it.

I hope this helps…