Metrics in Custom dashboard for specific parameters


(Akhil Solo) #1

There are 2 clarifications that I had.

I have created 2 quick replies :+1::-1:
and for this i have created 2 FAQโ€™s in knowledge graph, so whenever a user click on one of them, a response is triggered from the Knowledge graph.
Here I want to have these click recorded and want to know if there any way of having a custom dashboard created only to record these clicks on :+1::-1:
I want to create a custom dashboard on the count of users that have had a conversation with the Bot on a daily basis(bot type is anonymous), and also want to know if we can the count or recurring users along with the total count.
First could you let me know on how to create a dashboard and the metrics to be configured to get the count of users on a daily basis.
How can we also know the new users that chat with the bot and recurring users and show them in a custom dashboard.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

@akhilsolo59, you could possibly make use of โ€œend_of_taskโ€ event handler to trigger the feeback dialog after every intent or FAQ.

Now at this feedback dialog, you will need to emit a few user/ sessions level tags so as to query the data from the exposed data sets on custom dashboards.

Please look at below screenshots for getting an idea on emitting tags and using them at custom Dashboard:



Feedback button implementation and analysis
(Akhil Solo) #3

Thumbsdown Thumbsup

Here I have used sessions tags as shown in the above screenshot, how can i use the tags to fetch the response in the dashboard?
what exactly do I now to get the thumbs up and thumbs down data to be displayed on the dashboard.

Iโ€™ve used Entity and message node to this dialog task and not script node.