Message template for cisco jabber

We need to integrate our bot on cisco jabber channel will you please help us in getting the message template format for displaying buttons or quick replies on chatbot.

Dear Vidhu,

You may please follow below link to add Jabber as channel to your bot.

We have shown the Webhook payload format to post messages to Bots Platform from Jabber.

Note: You will need to enable Webhook integration on your Jabber application to add Jabber as a channel to your bot.

Hope this helps.

Thanks & regards, Support

Hi @awasthividhu,

Adding to the above information, we infer from your query that you are able to integrate with Jabber platform appropriately but you would like to know how to display the message formatting templates in Jabber.
The bots platform would display the message templates if the channel supports them.

For Cisco jabber channel message formatting templates, please find the below information which we found. Hope this is helpful.

Yoga Ramya.

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