Merging two Knowledge Graphs exported via JSON

I wanted to know if it was possible to merge two KG exported via JSON.
I created two different bots and now I need to merge them under one bot, is there any possible way?
Or is it possible to trigger a different bot from within a task?

Thank you very much

Hello @lbellanova :smiley:,

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There are multiple ways to achieve the ask:

  • Manually combine the questions into one file for KG import.

  • Link both the bots to a Universal bot. This requires the least manual changes.

Let us know if these work for you.

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Hi @sameera.tumuluri,

Thanks for your answer.
I am trying to use the second option, that of the universal bot.
I try to explain my context to you:

I have 4 different bots containing different FAQs for macro categories.
I had already developed these bots, so I can’t go back and create a single one as they each have many questions that would be difficult to copy from scratch.

By creating the Universal Bot I can easily Link my Bots, but when I try to write a FAQ, seeing from the debug, I can only recognize a single bot among those linked where to look. The others are not considered.

I then tried another way, that of inserting an additional Bot that is able, through a task, to select a category and add it to the contextTags, subsequently adding the Intent Precondition identified by this to each bot containing the different KGs. selection.
And in addition in the universal Bot, I have activated the same keyword as the invocation Name and Utterances that I enter as ContextTag.
Even so it doesn’t seem to work well.

So I tried a further way, instead of using ContextTag and Intent Precondition, I used the variable UserContext.setEligibleBots ([“st-linkeddBot1”, “st-linkeddBot2”]) in such a way as to make only one possible bot eligible.
Again it seems not to work well.

The only way to make it work correctly was to use Linked Bots as INCLUSIVE or FALLBACK. But this is the right way? How can I trigger a single bot when there should be some FAQ that repeats itself in two possible Linked Bots?

What is the right path to use?

Thanks again

As per the description of your case, what I understand is that you have (or you may have) repetitive questions in multiple child bots. So you made all child bots inclusive or fallback. However, inclusive bots have a limit of 3 max. And fallback bots can be at max 15.

If there is a FAQ that is scored similarly for multiple bots, you will get a disambiguation dialog. Refer universal-bot settings → Intent rescoring.

If by any means, you are already sure which bot you will use for responding to a possible ambiguity, you may set the eligible bots.

If you can present a small real-time example of what you want to achieve, I, @sameera.tumuluri, or @andy.heydon may be able to help you further. Based on what you need, there can be more than one way of achieving the same. Or it is also possible that there may be a system limitation. We will be able to advise better if you share some example(s) of what you want to achieve.