Measures appear to be necessary when users other than the entity attach images to Teams channels, etc

Hello, this is community.

In recent Teams user utterance history, the message pattern ‘An error similar to the image occurred’ frequently appears after payloading a message with an image attachment.
In this case, the entered image is recorded as blank in the conversation log.
Training upgrades are not possible because we don’t know what error the user requested.
So my customer manager is not happy about this.
Even if there is a future update, I think I’ll need an alternative.

In my opinion, this phenomenon seems to be a problem with the recent trend of asking questions using images through GPT, etc.

Additionally, I believe there may be issues with easily pasting images into Teams. However, I wanted to prevent image uploads, so I contacted a Teams representative and was told that whether or not images can be attached is determined by Teams’ overall policy.

I would be really happy if you could tell me a solution.
But if there is no solution, I think research is needed.

thank you

Hi @minkyu.jo92 ,

We infer from your post that you have a bot that is deployed on Teams channel.
When a user uploads an image in the chat window to the bot, you are observing the above mentioned error in the payload of that message.

If our understanding is correct, please let us know the below inputs:

  • Is it an entity node that is picking the attachment?
  • If yes, is it working when the image is uploaded in bot builder chat window or any other channel?

Yoga Ramya

Hello yogaramya.mendu

The user simply throws the input utterance as an image rather than an entity.

We will inform you of the order.

  1. Run the chatbot in the Teams channel.
  2. Enter the image as a speech by dragging and dropping the image into the input box or pressing Ctrl+V.
  3. “The same problem as above occurs”

< platform log>

  1. (entered blank)
  2. “The above problem occurs”
  3. Fallback event occurs due to Intent Not Found

Hi @minces92 ,

Please share the bot to and create a ticket with us mentioning the bot details.

Yoga Ramya