Logs from Analyze Section and Bot Admin

(Neha Sheikh) #1

Hi There,

I need to see bot usage logs.
Currently we can download logs from analyze section as well as bot administrator console.
The userid which is captured in these logs is some unique id generated by the bot so this is not helping in identifying which exact user has logged into to bot and how the bot is being used.

I went through usercontext object, where we have emailId, _id, identities->val as shown:

“UserContext”: {
“emailId”: "xyzxyz@xyz.com",
“firstName”: “xyz”,
“lastName”: “xyz”,
“orgId”: “o-3a71075d-456c-54f0-a389-e3185f3073ad”,
“_id”: “u-34c676o59-aea2-56cf-8e01-4021978bee17”,
“identities”: [
“val”: "xyzxyz@xyz.com",
“type”: “email”

  1. I want to understand which exact value is being written in logs userid.

  2. Per my understanding, we cannot modify usercontext object.
    2.1 Is there a way I can modify this userid, firstname, lastname of user to exact logged in user details? OR
    2.2 Can we add custom data to these logs whicih will include actual user details?