LiveChat and ngrok for Agent transfer

I am trying to do an agent transfer to LiveChat (agent software) using BotKit-8.1 of SDK.

The procedure was referred to the one in the following link.

I think I can get the ngrok server up and running, and the messages from are being received well.

However, LiveChat is not receiving any messages.
I’m wondering if there is a problem with the LiveChat API.
For reference, here is the LiveChat API that I am using now.

Can anyone tell me the cause and what I need to do to forward the agent?

I have the same issue, it seems Kore Docs are not update because livechat website change a lot and seems the APIs are not the same

Thank you for contacting me.
I understand the situation.

@daniel @masasama002 . Any update on this? I am facing the same issue

Hello @raahul.c

Nop, this not longer works, because Livechat doesn’t support anymore that way of connecting to livechat. You can’t sent anymore messages via API

Please see the option of installing a bot from bot template store. You will see some more recent examples of agent transfer implementations along with the tech specs and technical documentation.

Hi Swagata. So, are we saying that the LiveChat integration isn’t available anymore? If that’s the case, please could you take down I’ve just spent a load of time setting this up and when trying to troubleshoot I find this!

Is there anyway to get the LiveChat integration working with a different method?

All I am saying is, LiveChat integration is not available ‘out of the box’ as of now as mentioned in our GitHub public repo of the BotKit. If someone digs deep into the LiveChat changed APIs, our botkit example can still be leveraged and updated to suit the needs.
I do not have any steps/writeup for updated steps for LiveChat integration currently.
I have requested the product team to see if we can revisit the changed APIs and provide an updated example in the future. But I am truly sorry that I don’t have any ETA yet.