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Hi Team, Can you help me on transfer chat to live agent feature in

How do I configure this into my chatbot?

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transferring a chat to a live agent is a built-in feature in and can be achieved through the Agent Transfer node.

Please find the below steps.


  • Access the Bot Builder
  • Choose the bot where you want to enable agent transfer.
  • Open or create a new dialog task (think of it as a conversation flow).
  • Add Agent Transfer Node: Within the dialog task, locate the option to add nodes and select the “Agent Transfer” node.

Agent Transfer Node Settings:

  • Provide a name (e.g., Live Chat Transfer) and a description for easy identification.
  • Depending on your setup, you might need to configure the agent transfer integration here.

This typically involves selecting an existing integration or creating a custom one using the BotKit SDK.
Additional Configurations (Optional):

  • Associate variable namespaces to the node for advanced control over conversation flow.
  • Configure specific settings for chat or voice channels if needed (e.g., agent notification messages).


Once you’ve configured the Agent Transfer node, when the conversation reaches that point in the dialog flow, the bot will initiate the transfer to a live agent.
This can be triggered by various conditions, such as:

  • User explicitly requesting an agent.
  • Bot failing to understand user intent.
  • Sentiment analysis indicating user dissatisfaction.

For a more detailed guide with screenshots, refer to the documentation on Agent Transfer:

Additionally, you can find information about configuring Custom Agent Integration using BotKit SDK:

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Hi Srujan,

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve followed all the steps as you mention and in the documentation also.

But I’m facing below error.