Live Agent Transfer using LivePerson LiveEngage

Hello Everyone,

I added LivePerson Channel and entered required details in the configuration tab.
I created an account in LivePerson LiveEngage.
Entered all the required information as needed. when I clicked on test it is asking me to contact LivePerson administrator as the bot administrator has to approve this.

Attaching the snapshots for your LivePerson3 LivePerson2 LivePerson1 reference.

Could you please help here?

Hi @prosenjit.saha,

You will need to have a 3rd party LiveChat agent platform to test this.

Please refer the following link for complete implementation of Live agent transfer:

Let us know if you need any further information.

Yoga Ramya.

Attaching another snap of the error which is not covered in the above snapshotkore error snap 2

Hello Yoga,

Thank you very much for your reply. I followed all the steps in the link however while running the command “node app.js” it is giving the error as below.

Could you please let me know what exactly the problem is? If I need to download the BotKit SDK from some other link, please suggest.

kore error snap 1

Dear @prosenjit.saha,

Request you to please follow the " Installing and Configuring the BotKit SDK" section again from the link below and let us know if you still see the same issue.

Note: You need to download and then uncompress the BotKit SDK from Be sure to download the latest version that contains the LiveChat.js files.

Thanks & regards, Support


How did you configure liveperson with live chat ,can you guide me through this

How do we trigger the skills created on liveperson on live chat . How can we configure the live person through livechat