List View Custom Template Issue on auto generated webclient


I was playing around with the Predefined Templates present in customTemplates.js file.

I encountered a problem with List View Template. In the List View template tabs section I have have defined 2 tabs Odd and Even. Depending on the user input the values are stored in Odd or Even tabs and displayed.

The issue I am facing here is that the data in tabs (moreData in code) is not getting updated. Also this works perfectly fine in Bot Builder. Only in the published version I see this behavior.

Below is the scenario:

  1. I enter a number in this case 7:

  2. I then click view more to find that 7 is now displayed under Odd tab. I then click close and enter 1.

  3. When prompted if I want to enter another number I choose Yes and enter another number 9:

  4. Now when I click on View More, I expect to see both 7 and 9 under odd but only see the 7.

If the same steps are followed in bot builder it works absolutely fine. But in the published version there seems to be an issue. I did try using cheat developer off in bot builder, this also works fine.

I am testing the published bot using the URL provided under the Web client details section of the Web/ Mobile Client Channel.

I have also shared my bot with Kore Support.

Thank you in Advance.


I am not sure if you are using an old web-SDK code which may be buggy. I am not able to replicate this on the latest web-SDK master branch. GitHub - Koredotcom/web-kore-sdk: web client sdk code

Hello @swagata.sengupta ,

I am using the URL from channels tab to test the Published Bot as shown below.

Shouldn’t the Bot I use from this URL be on the latest web-sdk branch. I am not using any node.js server or anything. Just the bot directly from the URL.

Thank you,


I see the issue now. Ideally, the auto-generated web-client URL should refer to the latest master. However, this is a new implementation and the versions of web-client and WebSDK master can be different. We are trying to change the design to keep this automatically consistent. I will discuss this with the UI team and get it fixed.
As of now, if you really need please use our master web-SDK from github.
Thanks for identifying and reporting this issue.

Hello @swagata.sengupta ,

Using the Latest Master Branch solves the issue mentioned above but creates another problem. Using the Old WebSDK, though the tabs under view more were not getting updated, clicking them was triggering the configured postback.

With the latest SDK, clicking the elements in the view more tabs is not triggering the postback. Could you please help with this?

Thank you,

This is now solved in the latest webSDK branch in GitHub.